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Custom Built Computers

What to Expect When Purchasing a Computer from PC Guy

Built on the latest Ryzen 3000 / 5000, Intel Alder Lake (12th gen) platforms and using the highest grade components, a new custom made PC from PC GUY means a fast, capable, and reliable desktop without compromise. 

Our machines are not designed to be cheap, but they are designed to be very high quality. Most high street computers use cheap components that are designed to maximise profit, we only use the best components and will not cut corners.

So, what makes computers built by PC Guy in Ellesmere Port different?

The following points are what differentiate our systems from the “average cheap box” PC :

  • Our computers can be bespoke designed to meet your requirements, not an “off the shelf” pre-build made to be cheap and profitable.  Whether you use your computer for office, browse the internet, play games or perform video editing, our systems can be built to ensure that they are adequate for the tasks that it needs to perform, and are tailored for you.

  • At PC Guy we recommend either AMD Ryzen 5000 or Intel’s 12th gen Core Alder lake processors as they are both power efficient and extremely powerful.

  • We use very high quality Corsair, Crucial or G.Skill memory, which is reliable and fast.

  • We use motherboards made with the highest grade components, for long life reliability and performance. 

  • We use high quality Corsair / Evga / Seasonic Power supplies which deliver stable clean power to your PC, protecting your PC from spikes, surges, shorts, etc.  They are also very efficient and reliable.

  • A choice of Western Digital and Seagate hard drives due to reliability, and Crucial / Samsung / Western Digital NVME or Sata SSD’s for speed.

  • We recommend Samsung SSD’s (Solid State Drives) for maximum performance and always recommend that the customer specifies one as an option in their build. Available in SATA or M.2 form factors.

  • Our PC’s are built to be fully upgradeable and are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to expand future storage, CPU, graphics card, memory options etc. This helps to future proof your computer, and saves you money down the line.

  • The computers are designed to run cool and quiet, with PC Guy’s years of knowhow in thermal optimization. A cool PC will run faster and last longer and we offer both air and liquid cooling solutions.

  • We offer a personal service and will tailor your PC to your specific needs, making friendly recommendations in the areas we think will benefit you the most.

  • All our custom made computer systems are built without compromise or corner cutting, right from entry level to the top of the range computers; they are put together with pride.

  • The computers are optimised with years of know-how, to provide speed and reliability and come with a 1 year onsite hardware warranty. Please see our warranty declaration for more information:

If you would like a custom made computer system then please give us a call to discuss your needs and options on 0151 339 0760 or complete our contact form Remember that at PC Guy, we can build and deliver the machine to you if required and if local. We do not ship our machines at the present time. 

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