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Coronavirus Update

1 August 2021

Home Call Outs - Allowed
Collections - Allowed

Drop-Offs - Allowed

PC Guy is back trading as normal. Please contact us if you would like to arrange an appointment. You can drop off your computer to us in Little Sutton, or if required, we can arrange a collection or onsite visit. 

1 March 2021

Home Call Outs - Allowed
Collections - By Arrangement

Drop-Offs - By Arrangement

We are experiencing a very high demand for our services at the moment, so please bear with us as we are encountering delays. Drop-offs help us to help more people, so if you can do this, please do so. Just give us a call or send us an email to arrange. Home call outs and collections are available, but please bear with me as appointments are limited. Thank you.

5 January 2021

Home Call Outs - Allowed if Urgent
Collections - By Arrangement

Drop-Offs - By Arrangement

PC Guy is working as normal. As a key worker in the IT industry, I am allowed to visit you at home, if necessary. Where possible though we are asking for you to drop your computer off, by arrangement, to help minimise tranmission within the home. Please note that we are still implementing social distancing, I will be wearing a mask and have hand santiser available as well. We are experiencing a very high demand for our services at the moment, so please bear with us as we are encountering delays.

26 March 2020

Home Call Outs - Cancelled
Collections - Cancelled

Drop-Offs - Cancelled

To protect my family I have had to cancel the majority of the services that I offer. However I am still offering REMOTE support. This is where I can access your computer, with your permission, to help fix software issues, virus removal, pop up removal, fix email problems etc. 

24 March 2020

Home Call Outs - CANCELLED

After the news from last night, I morally don’t feel right entering people’s premises with the threat that I may unknowingly spread the virus. However, with more and more people now dependent on computers to stay in touch with family and work, I feel like I am being torn. With no clear guidance from the government as to whether I should be travelling to others and with the threat of no income if I don’t, it’s a difficult dilemma. I have bills to pay, but in order to protect my family and others, reluctantly, I am withdrawing from home visits. I am doing what I can via remote support and if you are local and wanted to drop off your computer whilst getting your daily exercise 😉, then that is entirely your decision, and I will be happy to help where I can. As mentioned previously, all devices will be sanitised on arrival and before being handed back.


I hope that people will still support my business when fully back up and running. Not being able to help others goes against what I stand for, but these are exceptional times. I know a lot of other businesses, especially the self-employed, are in the same boat, so please support them when you can, especially when this is all over.


To enquire about remote support or to drop off, please still call 0151 339 0760 or send us a message via our contact us page. We will advise you whether remote support would be suitable. All payments to be made via bank transfer or Paypal.

23 March 2020

Please note, due to the demand of people working from home and kids trying to access school work etc online due isolation, there may be issues with your internet speed. Please be patient, if you can downloud your work and work on it offline it may help relieve pressures. Consider whether you really need to watch that you tube video etc during peak times.

20 March 2020

If you are having software issues and need support whilst in isolation, I may be able to access your computer remotely. I will try to do whatever I can to help keep people connected to one and another.

Give me a call on 0151 339 0760. I can also still collect or you can drop off.

17 March 2020

Morning everyone.

I'm back to it today and as much as I would like to say that it is still business as usual, unfortunately, the reality is like other businesses I have no choice but to consider some changes going forward.

Although I'm not overly concerned about myself, there is no way of knowing who is carrying the infection and peoples health must be the primary concern.

We are all fit and well and have been taking the necessary precautions for a while now, but should I, or my family, show any signs then we will be immediately self isolating as is the advice.

Therefore, I may have to consider withdrawing from ONSITE VISITS going forward, if the situation doesn't improve. I am happy to fulfil the appointments that are booked this week and will be monitoring the situation closely.

Going forward, it's possible that we may have to think about a shift to a drop off / collection system. So if needed, I can arrange to collect the computer from you, complete the work and drop it back to you (cleaned and sanitised).

We will also be looking at (where possible) providing more remote access support, i.e: taking remote control of your PC to help fix small issues without having to physically be there. Though, for a lot of issues, that may not always be possible.

If you do have any concern that you may be infected with ANY bug, please let me know so we can make the necessary arrangements. I will be following all hygiene recommendations, including hand washing and alcohol based hand sanitiser. Computer surfaces will also undergo cleaning with alcohol based cleaners.

These are worrying times, and as a self employed individual, there is no protection for us, no work means no pay. I am trying to carry on business as close to normal as possible, but I am aware that people are worried and could be concerned. We must all do our part to get through this and I won't be shirking away from that responsibility.

Any questions then please get in touch. Call 0151 339 0760

Thank you, and please look after each other!

4 March 2020


Sorry but we have had to close completely, due to contracting Coronavirus.
I will be back working as soon as I can.

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