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PC & Laptop Healthcheck

When was the last time you got your computer or laptop serviced?

Every computer and laptop requires regular maintenance to help keep it running at its best. Over time your laptop and desktop computer become dirty internally as well as externally, they start to run slower and less efficient and can become hot. It is recommended that your computers are serviced once a year, however this does depend on the environment that you are using it in, it may be necessary to perform a clean more frequently.

What are the warning signs that a healthcheck is needed?

Although a yearly computer and laptop service is recommended, you may notice some of these signs which would indicate that a service is required earlier than planned.


  • Has your computer suddenly started to make a noise? Strange noises shouldn't be ignored as they could be an early sign of hardware failure.

  • Has your laptop or desktop become slow? This could be slower than normal when starting up, slow to open up applications? It can be caused by software, or again can be an indication of hardware failure.

  • Do you get pop ups or programs running on your computer without permission? Could be unwanted software called Virus' or Malware

  • Does your laptop feel hot to the touch? Can you feel hot air coming out of the vents? Are fans on your desktop running at high speed? All these can be signs that your computer is overheating. This is serious, especially in laptops due to the confined space, and can KILL your machine. 

  • It your computer behaving erratically, maybe shutting itself down?

PC Guy's Computer and Laptop health-check will help to keep your system running at optimum level and as efficiently as possible. It can also identify any possible problems with your hardware, such as a failing hard drive, which could prevent you from losing your information.

The computer healthcheck service includes:
  • Adware, spyware and virus removal

  • Updates to Microsoft Windows (service packs, hot fixes etc)

  • Remove Windows temporary files

  • Remove internet cashed files and cookies

  • Optimise Windows start up

  • Internal inspection to clean all fans and heatsinks of dust and debris and prevent overheating

  • Hardware test to check components are performing normally

  • Advise you on any suitable upgrades (with no obligation to purchase)

Areas covered:

PC Guy is located in Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port and covers surrounding areas within Chester and Wirral. Healthchecks are done at the premises of PC Guy, so please book your computer in now. If you are unable to drop your computer off, then give PC Guy a call to arrange collection if local. 

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