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Virus Removal

Virus Removal - Ellesmere Port, Wirral & Chester

Do you think you have a virus, spyware or malware on your computer or laptop? If so give PC Guy computer repairs and maintenance a call on 0151 339 0760. I provide a virus removal service within Ellesmere Port, Wirral and Chester areas.

What is a computer Virus?

A computer virus is a malicious software program that is designed to infect your computer and either cause disruption (some more malicious than others) or to hide and steal personal information. The longer your computer remains infected the greater chance of causing more disruption on your PC, including corrupting files and operating systems. Your personal data such as contacts, passwords, bank details etc could also be at risk.

How a computer gets infected can vary. Some get through your browser by visiting an infected webpage, some come through emails by clicking links. Someone may give you a USB stick with files on it, not knowing that a virus is also stored on it.

Is your computer infected with a virus?

It's not always clear that your computer is infected, because some virus' and malware can hide in the background, but some virus and malware infections may show signs including:

  • computer running slow

  • computer crashes

  • message boxes popping up on your screen (pop-ups)

  • internet browser not opening or crashes whilst being used

  • internet browsing becomes slow

  • internet searches get redirected to random websites

  • spam emails being sent from your email program

  • miscellaneous files/programmes appearing on your system that you never authorised

  • computer behaving erratically

How to Prevent a Virus infection?

Make sure that you have anti-virus software installed on your computer devices. This helps to filter and monitor your browsing etc and blocks any potential virus or malware. However, the anti-virus software needs to be kept up to date, as new virus' come out every day. It also won't prevent a virus if you authorise it to install on your computer, so don't click on any links that you don't know where they have originated from.

If you want peace of mind, combine a virus removal with our desktop and laptop healthcheck to make sure that your computer is clean.

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